First Finish

Young Man Pillowcases
Young Man Pillowcases

A la Crafty Garden Mom’s Thursday Thoughts, here is mine:

  1. I like to finish a project on New Year’s Day.
  2. I think it sets a good tone for the year.
  3. Of course, some years it is fruitless.
  4. Still, I do it.
  5. It has to be a small project.
  6. Last year it was a bag.
  7. Not the bag I thought it was, but a bag.
  8. We all know how that turned out. πŸ™
  9. The photo above is probably one of the worst photos I have taken in the right conditions – well, my normal conditions.
  10. Not sure what happened.
  11. Still I post it.
  12. I would take another photo, but the recipient changed his sheets (shock, horror!) and they are no longer available for your pristine viewing pleasure.
  13. Have a great day! You don’t need to call the looney bin.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

4 thoughts on “First Finish”

  1. 1. I love that fabric.
    2. If I had those pillowcases I would be as big as a house.
    3. Because I would look at them and have to head to the kitchen.
    4. Oh, to once again have the metabolism of a 15-year-old!

    1. Hahahaha!!! You are hilarious, Nonnie! I found several John Deere fabrics using the search engine. I just put john deere into the search engine. One is from Karen’s Quilt Shop

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