Purple Journal

Purple Journal Closed
Purple Journal Closed

Awhile ago, I decided I wanted to make Julie a really special gift for her birthday. I decided on a journal similar to my Red Journal as a gift. The date slid as my November and Decembers were pretty busy and it ended up as a Christmas gift.

She is a purple person, so I decided to make the cover from some of my purple scrap. I had quite a few from the Purple quilt, so it wasn’t difficult. However, I got really busy and distracted right before her birthday, so I didn’t finish it. Then December was really busy and I didn’t finish it in time to give it to her for Christmas. I told her about it and promised her it would be done.

I did work on it over the holidays, but in the course of being distracted, I somehow got off track and started making her a new cover out of the fabric I used for the Stepping Stones quilt.

Huh? I know. Not sure what was happening in my mind, but there you have it.

Purple Journal Signature 1
Purple Journal Signature 1

Finally, I stopped working on the cover and turned my attention to the pages. The point is to make signatures (groups of pages). I was going for 12 pages in 2 signatures, which, when folded in half, would give 48 pages total to write or on which to journal.

I have a small stash of random, scrap paper, which I got out and started sewing together. This process ruins the needle for fabric, so I worked on all the pages I needed. As I worked through this process I decided to make two more journals for other gifts and made the pages for those, too.

Purple Journal Signature 2
Purple Journal Signature 2

Since my needle was ruined for fabric anyway, why not? I’ll talk more about those journals later.

You can use any kind of paper, but you shouldn’t use ALL really thick paper. You need to use different weights otherwise it is too hard to bind at the end.

I sewed the various pieces together to make 8.5″x11″ sheets, which I, then, folded in half. Julie will have to use different pens to write on the different papers as some of the papers are shiny and won’t work with roller ball type pens. It will be interesting to see what she does with it.

Purple Journal Back
Purple Journal Back

I have been struggling with what it means to be an art quiltmaker lately (for awhile, actually) and whether I am or not. I think this project puts me firmly in the camp of art quiltmaker.

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  1. I think you are firmly in the art quiltmaker camp AND the artist extraordinaire camp too! I love love love this journal and would really like to see one in person, if you don’t mind bringing one to our next MQG meeting. I have been wanting to make something like this for while and I have so many questions for you. Julie is a lucky lady!

  2. I just picked it up at the post office today! It turned out so awesome, I can’t wait to start using it. And yes, it will be an excuse to use alllll of my weird pens. Off to do my I’mALuckyGirl dance 🙂

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