Various & Sundry 2012 #1

Here we are again, talking all things quilty (but not very often geeky. Go to Hip to be a Square podcast for that 😉   ).

  • Did you get any time off over the holidays?
  • Was it just another week at the office with less help from the people (like me) out partying?
  • What are your quilt plans for 2012? Sandy has put herself squarely into the quilt resolutions department and you can join her in that endeavor, too.

Quilt World News

Be*mused has a lovely post about the opening of a fiber art exhibit in Cleveland, which I found to be interesting.

Sandy, of Quilting for the Rest of Us fame, also talks about her idea of the Slow Quilt Movement. Are all of your quilts fast and easy? Are you ready for something different?

Stash Books has a new bag book. Do I need it? Perhaps. I just bought Sew Serendipity Bags with a gift card I received for Christmas, so I will probably wait. The blog also have an interview with the author. Within the post is a link to a Flickr gallery with photos of the projects. I like the Vespa bag.

We do Christmas pajamas in our family, too. Each “child” in the Young Man’s generation receives a pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve. Originally, it was to get small children into pjs before putting them in the car for the long ride home. One less thing to do when arriving home late. It is fun to see the cousins (my Young Man’s generation), ages 32 down to 5, wearing new pajamas on Christmas Eve. No Big Dill made her group’s pajamas. She is a better person than I am. I have not had the heart to tackle knit and elastic for making pajamas. She has a lot of interesting sewing tutorials, too.

Rhonda participated in BDSI (a lot of the tweets are too old to see on Tweetchat and Twitter) and was one of the winners of the things I was giving away. She received the pattern and posted about it. I hadn’t had a chance to visit her blog before and was really happy to do so. She posts a lot and has a variety of things on her blog. Check out the Grateful Stitcher!


I have been working on updating my creative prompt responses. Vacation, laziness and the Young Man’s appointment being cancelled have wrought havoc on the time I usually spend sketching. I need to get back in the saddle! I saw the Doodlemum blog (from Twitter!) and her sketches inspired me. What are you doing to inspire creativity?

Products and Patterns

Do I need more bag patterns? Really? Do I? No, I do not, but how can I resist the bags at Clover & Violet? I especially like the Ruby Market tote. It looks so pretty in the Ruby line of fabric, too. Now to just find more time.

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  1. As often happens, I’ve spent a pleasant morning chasing the links you sprinkle in your blog. How on earth you find time to follow/find all these cool spots is a mystery to me. However, I am so glad that you do. Thanks!

    MRs. K.

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