Pink Donation Top #2

Pink Donation Top #2
Pink Donation Top #2

Here is the top. It took me all weekend to get it done. I have been sewing slowly lately and it took me all weekend to get it finished.

I am pretty pleased with how it came out, but I wish I hadn’t used the darker batik strips. I do think they stick out more in the photo than in real life.

Still, I think some child will enjoy this quilt.

Pink Donation Top Back #2
Pink Donation Top Back #2

I made the back as well. I used some nice fabrics that I thought I wouldn’t use in a quilt. I think it looks cheerful. I especially like the fabric in the lower left hand corner.

Author: Jaye

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4 thoughts on “Pink Donation Top #2”

  1. I really like the pink version and the pieced back. Just this morning I watched a great free Craftsy class by Elizabeth Hartman on piecing quilt backs. Perfect for me, as I’m planning a pieced back right now.

    1. I don’t think there is much science to the piecing of my backs. I just start sewing pieces together until I get a back that is big enough. Lately I have been using larger pieces, because smaller pieces are too fiddly and by the time I get to making the backs, I want to be done with the project. Of course, my backs look very scrappy and not as organized as some other backs. As long as they are pretty and use nice fabric, I am ok with them not being perfect. Good luck, Jane, and don’t be afraid.

      I have a guide to making a pieced back here:

      1. Thanks, Jaye. You know, I’d completely forgotten about a label! Will have to add that. Next time I’m going for the simpler technique. This back has become waaay to complicated when I’m itching to move on to the nex thing.

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