Labor Day Sew-in Day 3

Day 3 came and went and I am back to the drudgery of work.

Postage Stamp Star
Postage Stamp Star

While in sewing heaven, though, I design a block in EQ7 to use to make some Lovey blocks I promised. I saw the idea in a UK magazine called Fabrications. You can make this block as well as I am including the Postage Stamp Star Directions for your sewing pleasure! I was thinking of using these directions to set the donation blocks, but they might end up too big. I’ll see. I should probably plan the whole quilt using this setting from the start.

I made two of these for two different Lovey quilts.

4 Donation Blocks
4 Donation Blocks

I also finished all of the donation blocks. The blocks are ok looking, definitely cheerful, but I think, if I were to do this color scheme again, I would pay more attention to the tone of the color of the green.

Still I think these are interesting and cheerful and that some NICU baby will like the quilt.

1 Pink & Green donation block
1 Pink & Green donation block

I also started to sash these blocks. I decided to sash the blocks, but with 2″ unfinished strips rather than the 2.5″ strips I used last time. It means more cutting, but I think it will add interest to the quilt.

The Sew-in was fun. It was nice to sew at home and have others sew along at the same time.

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8 thoughts on “Labor Day Sew-in Day 3”

  1. The lovey is on my list for today and I LOVE this block. I assume it ends up at 10 and 1/2? The instructions say for 10 inch block (that is finished, right?)

    1. Yes, it is 10″ finished. I just went and measured to be sure. It is a good block. I should have made the legs darker, but was so caught up in the checkerboard, I forgot to pay attention!

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