Patchwork Wheels Possible Layout

Patchwork Wheel Comparison
Patchwork Wheel Comparison

I am  redoubling my efforts to do good with fabric. To that end, I am thinking that I would like to finish the Patchwork Wheel blocks before Christmas and, thus, I need to think about layouts.

I mulled publicly sashing this piece in the last post and was pleased to receive an email from SherriD with her Photoshop handiwork allowing me to see the effects visually.

I like the space between the blocks that the sashing provides and I have plenty of Kona Snow to make sashing. I am not quite sure if Kona Snow will match the background used in the blocks, though, and that might be an issue.

The sashing-less version is much more chaotic, but it does look like roads winding through a town.

Thanks, again, to SherriD for taking the time to create this image for me.