MQG Pincushion Swap Update

125 pincushions
125 pincushions

You might remember that I made a pincushion for a Modern Quilt Guild swap (and sent me into an orgy of pincushion making), which was organized by the Kansas Modern Quilt Guild. You can see the pincushions that were sent in to swap on Flickr. Not all of them are up there yet, so go back and look later.

The photo, left, was posted to the BAMQG Ning site (members only) by Adrianne. I tried to find the original source, but couldn’t, so I may swap it out, if I find it later. My pincushion is in the upper left hand corner a tiny bit in from the exact left.

I love the creativity, but I have to say that I am pretty pleased with the way my pincushion turned out. It looks like a pincushion and is cute, but not cutesy, if you know what I mean.

I haven’t received a pincushion yet, but others in the guild have so I am waiting with bated breath.