Patchwork Wheels Possible Layout

Patchwork Wheel Comparison
Patchwork Wheel Comparison

I am  redoubling my efforts to do good with fabric. To that end, I am thinking that I would like to finish the Patchwork Wheel blocks before Christmas and, thus, I need to think about layouts.

I mulled publicly sashing this piece in the last post and was pleased to receive an email from SherriD with her Photoshop handiwork allowing me to see the effects visually.

I like the space between the blocks that the sashing provides and I have plenty of Kona Snow to make sashing. I am not quite sure if Kona Snow will match the background used in the blocks, though, and that might be an issue.

The sashing-less version is much more chaotic, but it does look like roads winding through a town.

Thanks, again, to SherriD for taking the time to create this image for me.

Author: Jaye

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3 thoughts on “Patchwork Wheels Possible Layout”

  1. Not sure why, but the one on the right (no sashing) is the one I love. It has a feeling of motion, wheels turning, that appeals to me.

    Can’t wait to see how it turns out and what you decide.

  2. You’re too kind Jaye! But I hope it helps. It is hard to say which way I like best! And of course, once done, it won’t look quite like the photoshopped versions. The one on the right makes you stare at it more as the eye changes the look it sees. The one on the left really accentuates the circle effect, but then it looks more like a bunch of life preservers floating. Again, either way, it will be cool! 😀

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