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I was really on the fence about the BAMQG pincushion swap. I wanted to try it, but was concerned I would have trouble making it. I didn’t quite know how to deal with the button and I didn’t want to make myself crazy trying to get it right.

I decided to participate in the Pincushion Swap with BAMQG after I spoke with Joanna Figueroa at PIQF. Once I had the pattern, Petit Gateau from Fig Tree Quilts, and the know-how I picked out the most modern fabrics I could think of and really had a good time making it.

I liked the way the pattern said to make small blocks and put them together. It was kind of amazing the way, after I cut the circle, the top looks like I sewed it into a circle.

I had a little trouble with the filling. I wanted something with weight, but I wanted to be sensitive to people with nut allergies. I went to the store and as I was being directed around the store for different fillings, I came across the pellets they use for Beanie Babies. I bought a package of those, because I thought they would be good for the weight. I thought about the sharpening qualities that those old tomato pincushions have and landed on some wool roving. I bought a bunch of that and the combination ended up working well. The combination was easy to put in the pincushion.

Vintage Modern Pincushion
Vintage Modern Pincushion

It really didn’t take very long to make the pincushion and it was fun. I liked making it and kept thinking about who else needed a pincushion. Perhaps I’ll make one for a Black Friday Sew-In prize?

I am actually ok giving this pincushion in for the swap. I hope I get one back that is as nice.

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