Working Hard


This is my dirty little secret.

I am a bit messy when I work. I kept needing to cut different pieces from the various pieces of fabric. When I started the cutting, I would fold thefabric up each time, but it became ridiculous to unfold and refold every 5 seconds, so I stopped and just threw the fabric on the floor between cuts.

Why didn’t I just cut all the pieces from one fabric at once?

My mind doesn’t work that way. When I make bags, I have a hard time keeping track of pieces. I like to cut all the pieces (interfacing, fabric, etc.) required for a part so I move on the next part. For example, if the Main panel requires main fabric, interfacing and Soft & Stable, then I like to cut all the pieces before I move on to the straps, etc.

I do clean up the mess eventually.

It’s part of the process.

What is your process?