Creative Prompt #226: Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words.

“Picture a Girl” – song Phi Mus sing at certain events, including notification ceremonies that some is getting engaged.

Seeing the Big Picture

Paramount Pictures

picture book

dynamic picture

Picture window

digital photos

Motion Picture Association of America

The Picture Show (NPR)

moving picture

Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences

picture perfect

Rocky Horror Picture Show

picture this…

The Last Picture Show

get the picture?

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

picture dictionary

Universal Pictures

Compliments of the Young Man “framed picture of a pickle on a plate”

HTML5 <picture> element -Responsive design techniques are a way for developers to adapt a site layout to a wide range of devices, from desktops to iPhones, and have it consistently look sharp and load quickly. And no responsive design solution is complete without an adequate technique for dealing with images.


school picture

picture gallery

This Week in Pictures


hang a picture

formulate a picture

draw a picture

This Year in Pictures

Post the direct URL (link) where your drawing, doodle, artwork is posted (e.g. your blog, Flickr) in the comments area of this post. I would really like to keep all the artwork together and provide a way for others to see your work and/or your blog.

We are also talking about this on Twitter. Use the hashtag #CPP

The Creative Prompt Project, also, has a Flickr group, which you can join to  post your responses. I created this spot so those of you without blogs and websites would have a place to post your responses.

Definition: “An image (from Latin: imago) is an artifact that depicts or records visual perception, for example a two-dimensional picture, that has a similar appearance to some subject – usually a physical object or a person, thus providing a depiction of it.” (Wikipedia)