Review: Love Quilting & Patchwork

Love Quilting & Patchwork
Love Quilting & Patchwork

I picked up this magazine on a whim at Joann when I was there the other day NOT buying ShapeFlex (apparently they had has an interfacing sale and were cleaned out). I was attracted by the bright and cheerful colors. Yes, despite autumn coming on the quilt on the cover had no browns. Points scored!

Every page is designed with bright and cheerful colors. I think that in the US, it might be marketed as a modern magazine, but nowhere obvious in the content did anything scream modern.

There are patterns and most of them have an alternate colorway. The quilt you see on the cover has a 1930s alternate colorway, which is GREAT. It is so different than the fabrics shown that the 1930s fabrics really show the pattern to a different advantage.

In addition to quilt patterns, they offer block tutorials (in this issue, Tula Pink), interviews, and a tote bag pattern, which makes me hope for small accessories in future issues as well. There are a couple of pages showing new fabric lines, a shop review, technique tips and an article about a designer’s journey to Quilt Market. There was also a pattern on how to make apron pockets. Different, yes.

My favorite part of this magazine is the Triangle City pillow (block) pattern by Katy Jones. If you don’t know Katy Jones, she is the designer of the quilts that flow out of the I’m a Ginger Monkey blog. I like this pattern, because it is not made up of a 1,000 half square triangles and is a challenging project. The directions are several pages long, involve English Paper Piecing and assume that you can do this. You can. I am going to try it. It might kill me, but I am going to try it. Try it with me. Buy rotary templates from Katy.

The photography is colorful and interesting. The drawings are cheerful and fun. There is a god balance of color and white use on the layout of the pages.

Try it out. As encouragement, they have a special offer good until September 27, 2013:

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  • US readers:

Find an issue. I hope you will like as much as I do.