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Restroom floor, California Adventure
Restroom floor, California Adventure

One of the fortunate things about living where I do is that a lot of the stoops have intricate tile patterns. Bathroom floors often have great tile designs as well.

The green and white floor (right) would be an interesting quilt. I wouldn’t do it in these colors, but would keep the light as a resting space for the eyes, then put some scrappy fabrics where the greens are. I would see if I needed to maintain the varying degrees of darks and lights. I don’t think the piecing would be boring since there is quite a bit of variation.

It is easy to walk by and never notice the patterns. This is why it is important to look, an action of which I have to remind myself quite often.

Gabilan Street, Salinas stoop
Gabilan Street, Salinas stoop

These tile patterns are awesome for quilt design inspiration.

The unusual part of this porch or stoop is the pink. I don’t remember seeing so much pink in tile in this type of location before. I also was interested in the heart shaped motifs in the outer border. Given the pink and the hearts, I want to believe that a woman had a hand in picking out the colors and designs.

These types of designs are great inspiration for round robin quilts.

Restroom, California Adventure
Restroom, California Adventure

Finally, the piece de resistance, another restroom floor. I love the curved outer border and, especially that circle in the corner. When taking photos of tile motifs that you might want to translate into quiltmaking, it is really important to take photos of the corners, otherwise it can be difficult to figure out later.

I am not fond of the colors, but also like the combination of hexagons and curves.

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  1. Friends and family have gotton used to me wanting to stop and take picutures of odd things. Floors, booths, jackets, sweaters. It is easy to miss though it you are not looking. Love your second picture.

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