The Kindness of Not-So-Strangers

Cheryl's blocks
Cheryl’s blocks

As I mentioned last time, I was really feeling quite stalled on my Black/Grey donation quilt project. Jackie and Cheryl, who I mentioned briefly (in a subsequent post), sent me a total of 5 blocks, which when I laid it all out, ended up creating a whole row of the quilt top. I like the clock fabric that Cheryl used. Even though it, and a few of the other fabrics are not specifically  grey, it reads grey, and the other fabrics add interest and blend well, with all the other fabrics.

The fabric choices add to the interest of the quilt, I think.

Jackie's Blocks
Jackie’s Blocks

Jackie also made some interesting choices. I think when I mix these up with mine, they will add movement and make some of my duplicate fabrics not as prominent.

Thanks, Ladies!