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See - All Wrong
See – All Wrong

I spent last Saturday making the facing for See. I merrily cut strips (straight of grain), pressed hems and sewed. The whole process was going so well!

I put all the facing strips on to the piece and was about to press them all to the other side, when I realized, as you can see from the photo, that I had sewed them to the wrong side.


I ripped out all of the stitching, which wasn’t hard, but, apparently, required lots of sighing. What an idiot. Finally, I was done and sewed all the pieces to the front. I made a few adjustments that I was only able to do because I had noticed them while I was ripping.

See - Facing on Correct Side
See – Facing on Correct Side

The photo shows the facing before I pressed it to the back. Hopefully you can see two important things:

  1. the sides of the facing do not go all the way to the edge of the side – this is to minimize bulk in the corners
  2. the sides of the facing are on top – this is so that the top and bottom facing strips can encase the side strips and make a nice finished edge.

After I pressed the facing to the correct side (front to back), I made a tiny sleeve. I have been stitching away on the facing while watching TV. I have all but a few inches of the facing sewn on. The sleeve comes next. I hope to finish soon.

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