Various & Sundry #9 – Late August 2014

Knitting Request
If you are willing to knit or crochet a hat for a man going through chemotherapy, contact me privately. Hats for work especially needed. Thanks.

I am so lucky that people share their work with me.

Gretchen's BOM Block
Gretchen’s BOM Block

Gretchen shared a block from Fat Quarter Shop BOM. I love this block design and think I will make a block like this. It has a lot of pieces so I am not sure it would work for a donation quilt, but in the Star Sampler (or a similar type of project) it would have shone!

I have never done a BOM and am not sure I will, though I never thought I would do a mystery quilt and look at Scrapitude! I love the dots in this block, of course, but am not so fond of the overall look of the fabric. I wonder if you can just buy the block patterns and make the quilt in your own fabric.

Gretchen says that this is block 2, so I assume it is a 2014 BOM, but I can’t see which one it is on the Fat Quarter Shop BOM page. Try them all! 😉

I like the style of this eReader cover. The fact that it has some style is awesome! Yes, part of the style is the fabric, but there is also that curve on the foldover cover. Very nice. [The nagging back part of my mind wonders if that curved pointy part would get caught on other stuff when you stuffed it into a bag?] There are some tips on the Whistlepig blog, but you can buy the pattern from Whistlepig Creek Productions. I saw it first on Pinterest.

Mrs. K"s Quilt Back
Mrs. K”s Quilt Back

Mrs. K has also been hard at work on her project, which I wrote about in a previous post. She shared a picture of her back with me and I love the back as much as the front. I feel so fortunate to have friends who will share their projects with me.

Fabric and Thread

Have you seen Leah Duncan’s fabric? It reminds me of Marrimeko. I like the colors of her Aurifil thread as well.

I am just amazed at the variety of thread boxes that Auriful is putting out lately.


I saw this site posted on FB. If you need a bit of eye candy, take a look at Quilt Inspiration.

Here is a sensible 12 Step Program for quiltmakers.

I happened across the blog post on La Vie en Rose. I love reading about why people make, what they make and how they make. No matter how much we love the rooms in House Beautiful and Elle Decor, I think we all feel compelled to put our own stamp on our surroundings as well as to leave a legacy.

As you might remember, I linked up to Design Wall Monday on the Patchwork Times last week. It was a whim. I don’t know if I’ll do it again. I probably won’t do it every week. I decided to go back and look at some of the other design walls. I was actually kind of disappointed, because the first several I clicked on were beautiful finished projects not design wall. I felt like the one person who showed up to the party wearing a costume only to find that nobody else wore costumes. I really put myself out there and others didn’t seem to. In all fairness, I may not understand the rules.

The Rosie’s Quilt Cupboard blog got questions from the The Quilting Life and answered them in a recent blog post. The writer is funny, though the jokes are subtle. I especially liked her cave drawing comment. 😉 I also liked her comment about not annoying women with sharp pointy things. I’ll have to use that line sometime. It is amusing to read her answers to the questions and think about my own. I followed along with Weeks Ringle on her Modern Quilt Studio Homework that . These questions are a good opportunity to get the brain working again. I am considering answering these questions as well, but we will see. Thanks to Sandy for tweeting it.

You know I love leaders and enders. Great news for those of you who don’t know what to do with those leaders and enders you have made into blocks: Bonnie Hunter’s new book, More Adventures with Leaders and Enders is out. Take a look at her blog for more details. I like the cover.

I like the tips in this post on keeping an art blog. You might have wondered why my posts don’t have a lot of different topics in one post. This post explains it very well.

Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

I found a post that details caring for your scissors.

Want to make a coffee cozy? Here is a Fat Quarter shop Tutorial via I’m A Ginger Monkey. I know there are thousands of coffee cozy tutorials out there. Perhaps this one will work for you?

Around and About in QuiltLandia

Want to enter a contest? This one is about animals.

I heard there is a Bainbridge Quilt Festival! Go visit Bainbridge Island Saturday Sept 13th.

I found a great post from Weeks Ringle about their participation in the Million Pillowcase Challenge. I liked it that she was able to find out about the recipients and make some pillowcases that might go with their decor. She has some good tips about making them to fit into a decor about which you don’t know much.

Something Completely Different

Better LivingThrough Sewing
Better LivingThrough Sewing

This was a ‘cheap date’ ad on Google. Yes! Isn’t this a great line? Isn’t it true?