Various & Sundry #8 – Early August 2014


I love to read and periodically I subject you to lists of books I am reading, which I am not going to do today. I did want to point you to a really interesting discussion of what people should read and who is an arbiter of reading/literature. If you have a chance, listen to Books on the Nightstand #286.


Jeni Baker of In Color Order and Love of Patchwork & Quilting magazine has a tutorial on machine binding a quilt. Her machine binding looks really good. she also shows how to put the ends together with the Fons & Porter ruler, so if you don’t want to buy a specialty ruler check out this tutorial. She makes me actually want to try to machine bind a quilt.

You have heard me swoon over process. A recent post over at Be*mused blog is another commentary that makes me swoon. It is all about choosing background. Some of you might say “kill me now” and just pick a fabric, but this detailed description of picking a background denotes that it is an important part of the process of getting the quilt right.

Need thread storage? Becky shows you how to create portable and stackable thread storage.


Do you want to know the impact that quiltmakers have in the economy. 13 Spools has an infographic and commentary (over a couple of posts) on the astounding amount of money quiltmakers spend, which contributes to the economy, job creation not to mention all the quilts that get made. It occurred to me that they (whoever ‘they’ is) could have added a question about the respondent’s own perception of his/her dedication to quiltmaking. Those answers would have added a whole layer of meaning that could have been reported to the data.

Tweet about creative work
Tweet about creative work

One of the things I love about Twitter is the random gems that arrive in my Inbox. I love this one, because I believe that creativity has an element of work – a joyous element of work, but work nonetheless.

Mark’s Slow Stitching Movement got a mention on the DMC website. Check out the article and let him know you saw a mention here!

A recent Modern Sewciety podcast (#35) has a FANTASTIC interview with Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. It is one I will listen to over and over, because their philosophy is so sensible. I also enjoyd the interview with Malka Dubrowsky. Go listen to it as soon as you are done commenting here. 😉

Tina (WeezyWorks) has a new podcast. It is available on iTunes, so go check it out.

Judy Martin’s Quilt Show game is now available on her site.

Fabric and Supplies

I am not sure if I like the range of colors together or if I like the individual dots. I haven’t seen these to purchase anywhere, but I keep seeing them on Instagram and on various blogs.

Field Day
Field Day

Field Day. Hhm. I like it, but it has so much brown. I want it, or at least I think I do, but it has so much brown. Are you buying it? There is something rich about the overall look of the colors.

Other Artists

Libby Lehman continues to improve. The classes that I have taken from her were some of the best I ever took and hope she will be able to quilt and teach again.

Rhonda's House Block Quilt detail
Rhonda’s House Block Quilt detail

I couldn’t help, after posting about the Charity Sew Day, showing you a close-up of Rhonda’s house in her House Block Quilt. I love the way the door opens. It would have been cool to put a novelty fabric in there.


Are you going to do the Banned Books Week challenge this year? I wasn’t planning on it, but I got some new fabric, then was listening to BOTNS and got an idea. Perhaps I will! Regardless, I always enjoy the interpretations!