Dream Projects #3

As I said in the last post, projects I have wanted to do for awhile kept springing into my head and I really needed a place to put them. I realized that once I cleared out my head, there was more space for other stuff. Guess what happened? More new projects popped into the free space in my head.

I am still not dating these posts, I will just continue to number them. I still like the idea of pretending that time is not passing, so they will just be on the list as I enter them. I still want these posts to be abut the possibilities.

Like I said last time, some of these come from the Current Projects list (Hunting and Gathering section). I don’t know if I will keep them there or move them here. Lots to work out, so continue to stay tuned.

Art Institute of Chicago Fusible Quilt

  • Pattern: Original
  • Fabric: Turquoise and red, mainly, but other colors for the leaves and flowers
  • Steps: need to fuse a bunch of turquoise to some piece of fabric in the ‘ticker tape’ style. I am thinking of making it similar to the Whole Cloth Quilt and using red, again, for the background.

Basketweave Baby

  • Fabric: Scrappy
  • Pattern: Fons & Porter, series 1000, episode 1005
  • Thoughts: I like the challenge of piecing this quilt and the unique piecing

Blue Gradation Quilt (Hunting and Gathering)

  • Fabric: blue 2.5×4.5 rectangles
  • Pattern: similar to FOTY 2008
  • Thoughts:

Blue Lemonade (Hunting and Gathering)

Easy Street

  • Fabric: pinks
  • Pattern: Easy Street by Bonnie Hunter
  • Thoughts: I really liked Daisy‘s version of Easy Street, which she calls Cherry Bomb (she thinks of the best names for quilts) in terms of color and feel. I don’t want to copy her, but if I do this quilt, I’d like to have the same pinky-red feel to it. One challenge about a mostly monochromatic quilt is getting enough contrast. I look forward to that challenge.

Food quilt #2  (Hunting and Gathering)

  • Pattern: Disappearing 9 patch
  • Fabric: RJR Food prints. Will use a different color for the non-food print section than I did for the Young Man’s version.
  • Thoughts: Gift for son of good friends for graduation. I have started cutting for this in a serious way. I just need to figure out alternate colors.

Food quilt #3 (Hunting and Gathering)

  • Pattern: Disappearing something, probably 4 patch or 9 patch
  • Fabric: RJR Food prints. Will use a different color for the non-food print section than I did for the Young Man’s version.
  • Thoughts: Gift for nephew for graduation

Half Moon Modern Quilt

  • Pattern: I have some ideas, but nothing definite
  • Fabric: Half Moon Modern Fabrics. I have half yard cuts, I think, plus some odds and ends and I’d like to use them together with some additional fabrics, or, at least a background.
  • Thoughts: I do think it is difficult to start with fabrics rather than a pattern.

Music Quilt

  • pattern: Don’t know
  • Fabric: music prints and tone-on-tones
  • Thoughts: The Young Man has requested this quilt as his graduation quilt

Neutrals and Red/Scarlet Quilt

  • Pattern: Sew two ~3″x3″ squares together, slice each separate fabric and insert a red strip, resew and sew the two squares to another set of squares.
  • Fabric: neutrals+white, black and whites. I have some of these. I bought them not know what to do with them.
  • Thoughts: gift

Pineapple (Hunting and Gathering)

  • Fabric: dots. Have most of the strips cut. Will be much more selective about which strips I use.
  • Pattern: Pineapple log cabin
  • Thoughts: I haven’t given up on a Pineapple quilt despite my frustration with the previous attempt. I bought a different ruler: a Creative Grids Pineapple ruler in hopes that it will work better for me.

Pink Gradation Quilt (Hunting and Gathering)

  • Fabric: pink 2.5×4.5 rectangles
  • Pattern: similar to FOTY 2008
  • Thoughts:

Scrapitude #2

  • Fabric: scrappy again, but with NO browns or blacks or super darks that look like holes; also more blues and perhaps a different background, though I do like the dots on bright white. I would make sure to skip the dots with a cream background.
  • Pattern: Scrapitude by Charlotte Hawkes
  • Thoughts: I want to try and figure out how to make the edges NOT on the bias.

Silk Colorblock quilt

  • Fabrics: silk dupioni and cotton in brights (of course)
  • Pattern: Similar to Colorblocks 2
  • Thoughts: I have made a couple of, what I call, Colorblock quilts over the years. One was the Kona Challenge in 2011, another was my 1990 Colorblocks 2 and the first one, Colorblocks, also made in about 1990. I bought the fabrics at the Marin Needlearts show about a zillion years ago and they have languished waiting for me to learn to back them so I can use them.

Spin Wheel  (Hunting and Gathering)

Stepping Stones #2  (Hunting and Gathering)

  • Fabric: Bonnie & Camille fabrics Bliss, Ruby, Vintage Modern: made two test blocks, but still in the thinking stage while I decide on the background colors. I want the contrast to be good.
  • Pattern:

Stepping Stones #3

  • Fabric: Macaron pre-cuts from Hoffman. It isn’t started, but I have lots of pre-cuts and think they would make a really fun version of this quilt.
  • Pattern:

Windmill  (Hunting and Gathering)

  • Fabric: Scrappy. I will use a grey for the background, because if I use more of the cut fabric patches, the pattern will be lost. The pieces are too oddly shaped and I don’t want to lose the pattern in a mass of scraps.
  • Pattern: Come Quilt with Me Rotary templates

This is clearly not a regular feature, but it could be an irregular feature.