More Pillowcases

I counted up the pillowcases I need as well as the ones I have made and have a good idea of what I need to make before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving, you ask?

I was thinking I would mail these out around Thanksgiving so the niece-phews could use them throughout the Christmas holiday. We’ll see.

Here is the grand total of what I need:

  • SIL#1: 4 kids, 2 spouses/SOs
    • 3rd oldest nephew + SO
    • Oldest niece + SO
    • Nephew (not sure where he falls in the order)
    • Youngest niece
  • SIL#2: 3 kids, 1 spouse, 2 great niece-phews
    • Oldest nephew + spouse + 2 kids
    • 2d oldest nephew
    • middle of the pack nephew
  • BIL #1: 1 kid
    • 3rd youngest nephew
  • SIL#3: 2 kids
    • Middle niece
    • middle of the pack nephew – 4th youngest (??)
  • BIL #2: 2 kids
    • 2d youngest nephew
    • Youngest nephew


Grand Total: 17 pillowcases needed

This does not count The Young Man. Not sure whether to include him or not. I am thinking of sending him a pillowcase per month when he goes to college. It might be the only time he changes his pillowcase. (EEWWW!).

I made two last year and 7 the other day. Total of 9, so I am halfway done.

2 Snowman Pillowcases
2 Snowman Pillowcases
1 Opposite Snowman Pillowcase
1 Opposite Snowman Pillowcase

Now, the thing is that I made 3 pillowcases for the littlest nephews a few years ago. They should still have theirs, but it somehow seems unfair to leave them out. I was also thinking of giving them the designs above. They are close in age and often play together. I would give the 2 that are the closest in age (different families) the top two and then the littlest nephew the bottom one. I want them to know which are theirs, so I don’t want to duplicate the designs.

Still if I give those three away when they have already gotten them, I have to make three more.

Halloween Pillowcase
Halloween Pillowcase

I think the Halloween pillowcase needs to go to the youngest niece. It just seems like her and I wonder if she will notice that it is not Christmas. Since I would be giving them out together, she will probably notice and think I am odd. Perhaps she will get two.

Flannel Pillowcase
Flannel Pillowcase

Finally, this one is flannel and nice and cuddly, except for the cuff. It is also fairly staid. Not sure who will get this. Perhaps a spouse?