10 Years of Artquiltmaker Blog

Yes, today is my 10 year Blogiversary. Appropriately I am at a Quilt Retreat. I’ll pick up any gifts when I return. 😉

Have you been with me the whole time?

I started Artquiltmaker Blog because I had hit a big milestone and I wanted to start something new and send my life in a new direction and practice writing. My first post was not stellar. I remember being distinctly uncomfortable and not knowing what to write. I got better though and even later in May 2005, I was posting real content. Short, not every day, but real content.

At the end of 2008 I moved the blog over to WordPress.

In 2008 and 2009, I started trying to post every day. I worked my way up to posting on that schedule, which I do now except in extraordinary circumstances. Life happens sometimes.

Somewhere in there, I did the Block-a-Long, which was fun, but not very popular. I am also doing the Creative Prompt Project, which will be ending when I get to #365. I still have to think of something special for that one! Having a once a week post that I don’t have to think up helps a lot in getting something posted every day.

This forum has helped me to move forward in my work. I have enjoyed seeing comments from people, getting to different quiltmakers via Instagram and Twitter and even meeting a few in person.

I really enjoyed looking through the photos below to pick the ones I wanted to add to the gallery of the last 10 years worth of my work. I was pleased to add a few pre-blog photos, so you get more of an idea of my work during my quiltmaking career.

I don’t know what the future holds. I don’t know if I will continue to post every day or if I will start posting twice a day. As long as I enjoy the process and contribute to the quiltmaking community I will continue. Thank you for enjoying the ride along with me.



Update 5/13/2015: Thanks for playing! Comments are closed. The winners are:

  • Pam C – fabric scraps
  • Sherri D. – pattern
  • Jackie B – book