Flying Geese Exchange Update

Flying Geese - Mid May 2015
Flying Geese – Mid May 2015

Before I revamped my design wall, I reorganized the Flying Geese from my exchange with TFQ and took a good picture of them.

Yes, the mistakes are still in there, but they won’t be on the front of the finished piece.

It is kind of fun to see how bright and cheerful they are. Even the grey does not make the group look depressing.

Looking at them this way makes me see all the red and pinky-red I, especially, have used. I think I need to work with some cool colors for awhile.

Looking at them also made me want to sew them together instantly. I don’t have enough to make anything (and I had no time), so I refrained. Still, I think the end product will be one I enjoy when I do sew them together, whenever that is.