Food Quilt #2 – Major Progress

Food Quilt #2 top without borders
Food Quilt #2 top without borders

I spent the first part of the quilt retreat (will write about the retreat in general, but want to talk about the projects first!) working on the Food quilt that will go to a friend of the Young Man’s.

We are friends with the parents also, and they are very interested in my quilts. It seems reasonable to make a graduation gift for their son.

I bought plenty of fabric when I purchased for the Young Man’s Food Quilt, so I have plenty of fabric. The fabric is hard to find near where I live, but I bought most of it in Lancaster County when I was there with my SIL. Food themed quilts are good for boys as they are sort of neutral, but not too girly for boys. Quilts can easily be kind of girly, especially for someone like me who loves pink. 😉

I did the same pattern, a Disappearing Nine Patch, though I arranged the blocks in a different way.

I wasn’t able to finish the top, because I forgot the black I want to use as an inner border. I did make 4 piano key borders to add once I put the black border on the piece.

This project has been hanging over my head so I am glad I have made significant progress on it. Hooray for retreats!