Design Wall Monday

The last post was in April. Not quite a month, but close.

Design Wall 5-18-2015
Design Wall 5-18-2015

How’s this for a change? I completely revamped my design wall.

Normally, I am fortunate enough to work with two design walls. I usually have a large design wall leaning against one wall, but I gave it to Friend Julie at the last retreat. yes, I used it, then made her take it home. HA! I have been waiting for a new one since the Santa Clara show and it was finally delivered on Friday of last week. In the meantime I was a design wall short, so I cleared off the small one in anticipation of actually sewing. HA again!

I made two Flying Geese all week. This nonsense has got to stop or I will not have anything to write about and you will all go away.

Here are the things on my design wall this week:

  1. Hot 4 Patches. I will want to make more of these and do something with them, but they have not floated high enough in the idea file for me to actually do anything about it.
  2. I rearranged the red and turquoise 4 patches. They look kind of cook in a big row like that, don’t they?
  3. FOTY 2015. This is the start of the second batch of patches. Amazing how fast they accumulate.
  4. Field Day Zipper (or whatever I am going to call it). I wasn’t able to put the whole thing up on the wall, because I didn’t want to take down some of the things on the left, but the last three rows are stacked up on top of each other on the right. When I am able to sew the left hand rows together, there will be space for all the rows.
  5. These are hand written numbers that tell what order the rows should be sewn.

I am linking up with the Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara.