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House Beautiful Color
House Beautiful Color

I saw this color study in my most recent issue of House Beautiful. One reason I like that magazine is the color. They report on a lot of great color combinations in interior design. I follow them on Instagram so I can get a quick dose of color when I need it.

They often have very energetic color combinations similar to Anna Maria Horner, Jennifer Paganelli and some Amy Butler, but in furniture, wallpaper and dishes. I really love the over the top combinations and would do soemthing similar in my vacation house, if I had a vacation house, πŸ˜‰ and were starting from scratch with decorating.

Kona Color of the Year 2016
Kona Color of the Year 2016

This caught my eye because of QuiltCon. Remember Highlight? The Robert Kaufman Color of the Year? I don’t think the values are quite the same, but the sentiment is definitely the same!

I am really intrigued with the circumstance that brings these two companies to the same color. Actually, there are more companies and House Beautiful saw the similarities and brought them together. I am sure somehow there is some overlap. Furnishings companies need fabric, right? Still I am intrigued by why this particular color?

I have heard many people profess to dislike yellow, even easy to use sunshiney and golden yellows. This neon would be difficult to use if it weren’t the main color in a quilt. The quilts made for the challenge and displayed at the QuiltCon booth were great. (QuiltingMod displayed some in her blog post about Quilt Market). Still, I like yellow in a quilt as it helps the eye move around the surface.

What are your theories about highlight cropping up?

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6 thoughts on “Color Play Friday”

  1. It’s hard to find a good yellow. Fall and Christmas projects are easier because they trend to gold. But just a plain sunny yellow – that’s hard!
    I like a little beach yellow in r/w/b Summertime projects.

  2. I’m completely smitten with that Kona charm pack. I think my heart skipped a beat. I don’t consider myself a yellow person as I gravitate toward blue but something about that yellow intrigues me.

  3. I know you don’t like gray too much, but I love yellow and gray together. There’s just something about that combination. And I have to confess my stash is mostly golden yellow πŸ™‚ Although they are several years old, I have not looked for that color recently.

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