Color Friday: Red?

Red Plant
Red Plant

This is another picture I took while doing one of my daily walks. These are not plants that I normally have much interest in, but the red color caught my eye. When I look at the plant, I see red. When I look at this picture with my eyes, I see red.

The computer sees something different. The computer sees more green and grey than I do initially. Of course, when I really look, I do see the greens and greys, which make me wonder about what catches my eye vs what catches they eyes of other people.

Click on the photos to make them larger. I was surprised that the color selections weren’t that different. The color names are different, but the colors look very similar.

Of course, this tool is too much fun, so I couldn’t stop with the above. I moved the circles around to highlight different parts of the photo to see what I could get. I have to be honest that I skewed the results towards the red tones to see what the tool would come up with. It is interesting to consider the palette without the greens and greys.

Despite the fuchsia issues I had before, I love this combination of pinks and reds.

Author: Jaye

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3 thoughts on “Color Friday: Red?”

  1. Temperature is part if it. Warm colors advance, cool colors recede, so the red stands out more to the eye even if there is more of the cooler colors by volume….

  2. What catches my eye is the soft yellow, along with the soft pinks, fuchsias, magentas, reds, and of course, the smoky greens and purples. But the first thing I saw was the yellow & reddish colors.

    1. I think those were the closest to the phone, but as TFQ says they have a high temperature on the color wheel.

      I really appreciate all of your comments and for reading.

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