Carpenter’s Wheel Play

Carpenter's Wheel
Carpenter’s Wheel

I have been thinking about the Carpenter’s Wheel blocks lately. As you know, I made two more blocks recently in order to lay the blocks out in a circle effect.

I laid out the blocks on the floor (design wall is full) and the photo left shows the top of a layout. I am not sure about it-imagine adding 7 more blocks. It will make a very large quilt. I also don’t really want to fill the blank spaces with 2.5″ squares. It would make an interesting background, but would also make me crazy sewing. I could use larger squares or even different sized squares to add interest. The small size, however, makes the wording less prominent, however. I don’t want some giant word to end up in the middle of the quilt.

Carpenter's Wheel Layout #8
Carpenter’s Wheel Layout #8

After taking this photo, I went back and looked at my other layouts. I like this one the best. The only thing I have to decide is whether to put the two blocks in those blank spaces or to make the circle bigger.

Getting closer.

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6 thoughts on “Carpenter’s Wheel Play”

  1. I have been following your post but, not commenting much as busier with my own quilting…. I am just wondering …. HOW MANY PROJECTS do you have going at one time??? I saw carpenter blocks, Peacock blocks and a BONNIE HUNTER post within the last couple of weeks. You are so prolific it is inspiring because I have seen finished quilts.

    I have in the recent past had too many quilts started but not being worked on… I have pulled back to only working on one or two at a time ( get bored if only have one.) Hoping to just concentrate on UFOs before starting another quilt. If I would just get back to my FMQing … I could have 5 quilts finished in no time.

    LOVING the quilts … keep on posting.


    1. Short answer for right now is too many. You can check out the 26 Projects hashtag to see my lists. At this very moment I am focusing on the Peacock, but slipping in the City Sampler and En Provence. I am at a sticking point with En Provence as I have to figure out a color scheme and don’t want to use theirs. I’ll get past that hurdle soon. I get around to most of them eventually.

  2. I really like the last layout you have there with the two in the middle. If you just do a circle then what will go in the middle? Is your background going to be similar to the backgrounds of the blocks?

    1. All background fabric will go in the middle – low volume and text prints. I’ll make blocks the size of the CW blocks out of low volume and text prints using 2.5 inch squares.

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