Even More Donation Blocks

Early April Donation Blocks
Early April Donation Blocks

These blocks have nothing to do with my new direction in making donation blocks.

I made these with the last of my white 2.5″ squares. You can see that I am also getting short on foreground squares. Sadly I don’t have a minion to cut for me and cutting is not a favorite activity.

My plan is to make the blue and white donation quilt, then clear out my donation squares bin as much as I can before starting in on the all color postage stamp blocks.

I was thinking about how they would look at what  my inspiration was. I could only think of the Patchwork Wheel blocks we made for BAM in 2012. I went look for those blocks and they aren’t quite what I was thinking about.

I have made some blocks and even a donation quilt that have less white in them. One was two colors. It isn’t a new idea to me; it just seems new because I haven’t thought about it for while.

Author: JayeL

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3 thoughts on “Even More Donation Blocks”

  1. Such pretty blocks Jaye, I like the colors a lot. And I somewhat agree on the cutting, although I find it’s a good podcast listening time when I need to cut a lot of the same shapes/sizes.

    1. Yes, the audiobooks and podcasts really help. It just gets to be a drag if I am in the frame of mind to sew. Sometimes, I can’t think and relatively mindless cutting is a great activity.

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