Star Donation Quilt

Sawtooth Star Donation Quilt
Sawtooth Star Donation Quilt

I turned in the Sawtooth Star Donation top and back on Saturday at the BAMaQG meeting.

(insert gif of me dusting off my hands and moving on)

I was sad to see it go as that was a really great quilt. I know some family with a sick baby will love it, though and makes me happy.

People at the meeting agreed that it was cheerful even with the black.

Yes, I used different background fabrics as I had a few fat quarters and thought I might as well use them up. Pretty soon I’ll have to break into yardage again.

I’ll probably make another one of these. I have some more black squares and it is a good use of them.

Author: JayeL

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    1. I agree. I first about this technique from Mary Mashuta. I think she wrote about it in one of her garment books, but I had her for a class and we used various solids to make background. I am very pleased with how this quilt came out. I should have spread the different backgrounds around a bit more, but didn’t think about it carefully.

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