Various & Sundry 2017 #8

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Patterns &Projects

Fabric Mutt has a project called the Gingham Girls Stationery Kit. I am not sure why it is called ‘stationery’ unless that is part of the name of the fabric line? This is a small sewing kit project, similar to the needle case that I make sometimes.

Tools & Techniques

Applegreen Cottage posted a tutorial about starting off sewing without a knot. This is useful in theory, but genius. It is easy and I was amazed by the effectiveness. Apparently, the blog owner has a lot of tutorials on the site, which I have not yet reviewed.


Pam has a pattern in an Australian Modern Quilting magazine. Take a look at her blog and listen to her podcast for a discount code. It is downloadable so you won’t have to wait for it to arrive AND you won’t have to devote shelf space to the issue.

Gretchen has pointed me to Margaret Soloman Gunn’s work and her blog. The description of herself and her blog made me smile and I love the style of her writing.

Sad news that a majority share of Craftsy is being purchased by NBCUniversal. I am sure we will get more spam, more PITA and less content. I am sure the owners are happy. I got an email with this news and don’t see it on the Craftsy blog.


Jackie has upgraded her workroom. She wrote a blog post about what she did and what she used.