Sticking It All Together

I counted up blocks and rows and units again and found that I am farther along than I thought. It all started when I noticed that I was getting very short of the quarter triangle units. I carefully counted and found that I only have to piece two more rows on the top to finish one whole half of the quilt.

Or so I thought.

Really, I have to piece two blocks top to bottom for the right side. I was shocked that I had so little left to do. I had been sure that I had an equal number of blocks to piece for the right side as I had on the left. I don’t know how I got so turned around, but this is great news! I thought I would never finish piecing this quilt. Yet, I had already done so much.

As a treat, I decided to see how the piece would look once it was stuck together. Sort of.

Merged En Provence Left Half
Merged En Provence Left Half

I put two images together. There are slight differences in lighting, and the bottom is folded up, but you still get the idea. I am thrilled.

I saw another version of the pattern on Instagram. It is by Sylvia, Sommerschiebe. I love how round this circles ended up.