More Donation Blocks

French Provincial donation block
French Provincial donation block

You’ll notice that this post is not about the #OnRingoLake mystery quilt project as you will find on many other sites today as people show their progress on Bonnie Hunter’s new mystery quilt.

Since I am still working on En Provence, I thought it was prudent to finish that before starting another mystery. I am reading and collecting the clues in case I change my mind.

While I was working on En Provence on Friday, I made some more donation blocks. I used the donation blocks as leaders and enders, of course.

I figured out that each donation block has 15 seams. I made about 6 in the course of several hours of sewing, which means I sewed somewhere in the neighborhood of 180 seams total. That is between the En Provence pieces and  the donation blocks. I did a couple of other things in between as well, so my total is probably a few more.

Of course, the seams are short, which means they are quick, but I am making progress.


I am feeling like I am running out of 2.5″ pieces in my donation bin from which to choose. I think it is just that I don’t have enough to make blocks from one color. I also think that some of the choices are not my favorites. I have a number of pieces left and will make an effort to use those up before I commit to cutting more.They are not ugly and someone will like them, so I will need to use them.