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PIQF started Wednesday night and goes until Sunday. I went Wednesday night to scope everything out.

Wednesday night is preview night, so the floor is only open for an hour and a half. I try and go when I can to scope out the new vendors and to find my quilts.

Fabric of the Year 2016: PIQF display location
Fabric of the Year 2016: PIQF display location

This year I entered 3 quilts into the show: Fabric of the Year 2016, Triple Star and Down the Drain. No prizes, but I wasn’t expecting any prizes. Two of them had good locations and one had good lighting, but was in a bad location.

FOTY 2016 was in one of the ‘hallway’ locations. It had good lighting, which Julie pointed out, but I didn’t like it being in one of the hallways. People barely look at those quilts and just walk by.

Triple Star: PIQF display location
Triple Star: PIQF display location

Triple Star probably had the best location. It was in the back of one of the display section, so people could stand in the aisle and look at it.

My picture is a little washed out, but it is a good photo in terms of seeing the quilt straight on.

Down the Drain: PIQF display location
Down the Drain: PIQF display location

Down the Drain had a good location in the back of the front hall, but nobody was looking at it.

I don’t know that I’ll enter quilts in PIQF again. I try never to say never, but that is how I am thinking right now. It was really expensive and I don’t really have any hope of ever winning a prize. The prize winners are so large and bedazzled and quilted within an inch of their lives. I don’t really quilt for prizes, but it is still a disappointment when a quilt with an important message like Down the Drain doesn’t get any kind of acknowledgement.

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  1. They all look great on the walls, but I hear you when you say you’re reconsidering entering. Quilt shows can be expensive to enter and if you’re not aiming hard for a prize, it’s difficult to justify. But, if everyone decided that, there would be no quilt shows….so I try and think of my entrance fee as a ‘support the quilt show’ fee, because I like going to quilt shows and I don’t want them to stop because of lack of entries.

    1. I am glad you brought this up. It is an excellent point and one I didn’t consider (hhmmm…not sure why). Perhaps I’ll enter one instead of three. Not sure what I was thinking.

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