Green Strips Donation Blocks

Green Strips Donation Quilt
Green Strips Donation Quilt

I am making good progress on the quilt from the scrap strips.

I finished the blocks as I worked on the All Rolled Up Tote and was able to start setting them together. It turned out that I came up two blocks short. Fortunately, I had partial blocks made of strips, so I just finished them up and everything was fine.

I decided to use some Kona Cream for the background. After cutting it up, I thought some green would have been better, but I am sticking with my plan. I don’t want a bunch of rectangles laying around. Even with the Cream, which has a distinct yellow cast to it, I think the quilt will be suitable for a boy or a girl.

Author: JayeL

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

4 thoughts on “Green Strips Donation Blocks”

  1. I really like this…trying to imagine it with green instead of cream alternate blocks…I like the clean, cheeriness of the cream.
    You continue to inspire!

    1. Thank you! I happened to have that cream, which has a yellow cast to it, and didn’t think I would use it for anything else, so there it went. The contrast is good and I agree it is a better choice than more green.

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