Revisiting Sew Day with Gerre

I wrote a post for each of the projects I worked on at Sew Day with Gerre, but I just had to look at all of them just to see if I really accomplished as much as I thought.

I worked on a couple of different projects, as you know, not one to completion, but that is ok.

Gerre's Betsy Bag
Gerre’s Betsy Bag

Gerre sent me a photo of the Betsy Bag on which she worked while I was there. It is an interesting design. She said the directions were difficult to interpret.

I think it was worth it. I think I need some time occasionally to work on projects where I need to get past a block. This Sew Day provided that.

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    1. The alphabet fabric is a good one. I had to get more of it when I cut wrong on the All Rolled Up tote. I am not sure what you mean by “do I c Daleks turning into ready wear?” I am sure autocorrect was not your friend. 😉

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