Blue Improv Donation Top Start

Blue Improv Donation Top start
Blue Improv Donation Top start

After making the most recent journal cover, I continued piecing together my blue scraps. One good thing is that I am also unearthing more strips, so there may be another Blue Strip donation top in my future.

I haven’t yet made a blue improv donation top, so I decided to just go forward with that project rather than making another journal cover. I am sure I will have plenty of scraps to make another one when I am finished!

I am finding scraps from older projects, which is interesting. It is fun to contemplate what I was thinking when I bought and used those scraps. Some are a lot darker than the fabrics I buy now.

I am also finding (this drawer is STUFFED!!!, though getting better) some pieces that have already been pieced together, so those are also useful

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