Hump Jumper

Janome Hump Jumper
Janome Hump Jumper

Do you know what this is? I didn’t either until yesterday, though I have had one, apparently, for awhile. I am glad I never threw it out. At least I don’t think I threw it out/gave it away.

Tim told me that he was using a coaster to manage thick seams on bags. I wanted him to show me how that was done, so we talked about it and then he looked up a video, which we watched and soooo many things became clear. I really have to find my hump jumper and start using it when I am making bags.

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  1. That’s brilliant! Never heard of one and haven’t seen one, but I’ve never bought a new machine. Both of my (long-time) machines were hand-me-downs from my Mom. That was one of the frustrating parts of bag-making for me and part of why I haven’t made that many. Maybe I’ll give it a shot again!

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