Ring Quilts in Progress

Maria's Put a Ring on It top
Maria’s Put a Ring on It top

At Sew Day, a number of people were working on their Ring quilts from the Latifah Saafir class. It was great to see how different everyone’s interpretation was from the class.

I like the way Maria is using low volume and the rings are kind of floating. I came over and looked at Maria’s top and suggested the green in the upper right hand corner. I think it balances out some of the other green in the quilt.

Gerre's Put a Ring on It
Gerre’s Put a Ring on It

Gerre was also working on hers and making good progress on her version. She was working on putting the rows together at Sew Day. The green is really great with the orange and the white.

She worked on it again when we had our mini Sew Day and was able to finish it, as I think I said.

I am always excited to see people working on quilts from a class at the same time. It is so fun to see the different interpretations.

Lee Ann's Ring Quilt
Lee Ann’s Ring Quilt

I really LOVE Lee Ann’s version of the Put a Ring on it pattern. She nailed my colors.

I really like the way it looks like the rings are radiating out from the center. The rings are not radiating out in gradation order, so my eye moves around quite a bit .

Did you notice the light blue in some of the centers and the turquoise arcs in the corners? Brilliant! There is so much to look at in this quilt.

Did you notice how most of the quilts are the baby size? I made mine that size also.


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