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All the I Spy Pouches
All the I Spy Pouches

I used some of the Anna Maria Horner fabrics I received in the Quilty Box to finish some of the more recent I Spy Pouches. Once I finished the two large ones, I got all the pouches out and rearranged my templates.

I know it seems kind of ridiculous to make pouches for templates. On one hand, I like having them organized. I also like the fabric and enjoy using the coneflower print for something I am going to keep. Finally, the I Spy pouches are quick to make, so rather satisfying.

New Large I Spy Pouches
New Large I Spy Pouches

The two newest pouches are quite wild. I used a couple of the Bright Eyes prints. I didn’t really realize how exuberant the pouches would be using those fabrics. The fabrics clash a little with the coneflowers, unfortunately. Still, I like them and the coneflowers will show up when I put some templates inside.

I have a number of template sets that are too big for these pouches. I can use the same directions to make larger pouches. I just haven’t been up for that lately.

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2 thoughts on “More I Spys”

  1. I like what you did with the fabric from the Quilty Box. I was gifted a 3-month subscription and am scratching my head on what to do with them I asked for the subscription because I wanted the challenge of getting fabric I wouldn’t normally choose. I like your combinations.

    1. Thank you! and thank you for reading!

      It is a good way to get fabric you wouldn’t normally buy. Bags and pouches are a great way to use some of the fabric. I want to fussy cut the large poppies and put them on the side of a pouch or bag. Maybe a zipper pouch??

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