Various & Sundry 2022 #4

Other Artists

Valerie has a fantastic sunflower block (quiltlet?) on her blog. It very cleverly uses  Drunkard’s Path units to make up the design. This would be a very effective and not difficult design to make. I wonder if I could make it larger? Or with more sunflowers? Great job, Valerie! PS Valerie has an Etsy shop where she sells some of her quilts.

Electric Quilt IG post
Electric Quilt IG post

The Electric Quilt Company posted this wise advice. It is a good reminder for non-quiltmaker family members that not every minute is a good one to complain to Mom/Sis/Auntie.

Projects, Classes, Patterns & Tutorials

Charlotte Hawkes, remember my Scrapitude quilt?, has another mystery quilt. Valerie stopped by the blog the other day. I checked out her blog, which I haven’t been to in awhile and saw her progress on on this quilt.

Because I have no will power I bought the Kit Supply Tote pattern by Aneela Hoey. Have I made it yet? No. The link is to Aneela’s site, but I bought it from the Fat Quarter Shop. Although I prefer paper patterns, I bought the PDF downloadable version as that was all they offered.

Mary C is doing the Glitter Ball BOM. I took a look at the site and this is a really cool looking quilt! Quite different from other BOMs. More like a row quilt.

Tools, Books, Fabric, Notions & Supplies

I found a shop called Flying Bulldogs. They have great fabrics including some older Martha Negleys. Not the mixed vegetable fabric with the black background, but some nice ones. Really excellent prices, too – $8.00/yard for many prints. I should make sure they are not based overseas as shipping would kill me. They have Joel Dewberry prints, which I haven’t seen anywhere in awhile.

Molly was machine quilting a doll quilt. She has some trouble opening and closing regular safety pins so she was using straight pins and Pinmoors. Pinmoors are bits of foam you put on the ends of pins to keep them from scratching you while the pins are in the quilt. Really great idea! This happens to me all the time. I almost bought some the other day, but decided to wait until my next order.

If you buy a lot of vinyl and are now addicted to glitter and star vinyl, check out Sew Hungry Hippie’s VIP Membership. It’s $5/month and you get a variety of discounts. Click the link to check out all of the benefits.

I do love Sew Sweetness, but I am always on the lookout for other bag hardware purveyors. I found, somehow, Idleblooms. The look and feel is cheerful and they have a variety of interesting bag hardware:

      • castle zipper pulls
      • Hogwarts zipper pulls
      • teacup zipper pulls
      • zippers with different coil colors
      • all sorts of webbing
      • made bags

Take a look when you need some bag hardware

Tutorials, Articles and Other Information

Remember my zipper head tutorial? Natalie from Sew Hungry Hippie has a video version. She uses a jig, which I believe she sells. You can also use the towel holder I use or a fork. Check my tutorial for more info and other tutorials.


Remember all those merit badges I sewed on to the YM’s sash for Boy Scouts? I have a few by Moda, too, but I can’t find a photo at the moment. I came across merit badges for adults**. These could provide impetus for you or someone else to get things done. Also, who doesn’t want a merit badge for doing something you have to do anyway?


Better late than never: Check out the  QuiltCon Winners.

I found a talk from some academics on contemporary quiltmaking. You’ll have to tell me how it is as I haven’t had a chance to listen.









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