Tutorial: Adding Zipper Heads

I have said before that adding zipper heads to zipper tape is pretty easy. I don’t do it that often, so I always have to look it up. The main tutorial I use is Sara Lawson’s tutorial. Sara provides a ton of detail and I would advise watching it at least once. I am writing a quick tutorial so you can see another version.


Supplies required
Supplies required
Place zipper head face down
Place zipper head face down

1. Place your zipper head face down in your towel holder

2. Flip your zipper tape wrong side up. N. B. This means that both zipper tape and zipper head are facing in the same direction, wrong side up

3. Pull your zipper tape apart 3-4 inches and configure in a V formation

Make a V with the zipper tape
Make a V with the zipper tape

4. Carefully place each end of the zipper tape into each side of the zipper head

5. Push the tape in evenly until you can pull from the bottom

Completed zipper head installation
Completed zipper head installation

Voila! You did it!

In the future you can find this tutorial on the tutorials page.



    • Natalie from Sew Hungry Hippie has a video tutorial using a jig she sells








*N.B. : If you use a fork, you might want to get one at a thrift store and just use it for zippers rather than using one you eat with.



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  1. I love this clear explanation, very useful. And thank you for the link to the towel holder because I had no clue what it was until I saw it with a towel hanging in it!

    1. DUH! I should have mentioned it was a towel holder! Thanks for the idea. I saw a special quilt/bag tool for this purpose, but you can see that it isn’t really necessary.

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