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Some time ago I wrote a post about the Flatback Stitch. I read it over the other day and I think everything is still true. My techniques have evolved since then, however.

Flatback Stitch again
Flatback Stitch again

One thing I do now is anchor the joins before I stitch the whole seam. This lines up the corners so patterns match and corners are smooth.

I still hold the pieces together with either Sew Tites** or WonderClips**. My favorite SewTites at the moment are Sew Tites HD**. They are stronger and easier to use with multiple layers. The magnets are strong so I have to be careful not to catch my fingers in between the two magnets. Otherwise they work really well.

Flatback Stitch again - back
Flatback Stitch again – back

Next, I take a few stitches where the corners of two different pieces line up. As I do this, I keep turning the piece over so I can make sure the corners are still in place. Then I go back and stitch the seams between the two pieces together.

This can be a bit challenging when sewing a giant rosette together! Still securing the joins helps keep long seams in place until the whole thing can be sewn together.

My seams are lining up really well using this method. I feel like my pieces are lined up more precisely.














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