Various & Sundry 2023 #3


I have been making a plethora of Minikins patterns lately, so I updated the Minikins page. I definitely have favorites and Minikins Season 2 isn’t a favorite. I have only made one project from that season. I have one on my mental to do list, but it remains there.


Sara of Sew Sweetness posted a video of the top 10 items you need for intermediate bagmaking. This follows the “Beginner Bagmaking Toolkit

I got some great thank you notes at Collage in Portland. They are from Seltzer, which is a great name even though it makes no sense for stationery.

Definitely check out Friend Julie’s cornucopia post. She found some interesting tidbits I did not find.

Check out the QuiltCon winners for 2023.


A friend went to Denver and visited Gallerie Quilt. She bought a quilt there. I looked at the website and was shocked at the prices. I can’t believe anyone can make any money at those prices. I would be reluctant to encourage them to sell quilts at those prices. It depresses the market for everyone else.

Tools, Books, Fabric, Notions & Supplies

My friend Carrie told me about a shop called Mashe Modern. It has an interesting selection of bagmaking supplies and quilt fabric. They already have Tula’s Everglow!

Projects, Classes, Patterns & Tutorials

Tula has a fabulous version of the EPPic case on her FB page. It uses Everglow and I love the look. It reminds me of my childhood bedroom. The EPPic case is by ChasingTigers on Etsy. I saw that they have a bundle of two bag patterns with multiple sizes.

I promised myself not to buy more bag patterns, but occasionally I get tempted. This Zip & Grip bag is awesome. This bag is by Sew Yours LLC. I am reluctant to buy the pattern as I haven’t heard of this company and have no idea how well they test their patterns. I’ll think about it and see after I make a couple of patterns I have in the queue.

My friend Maureen is teaching at the Collage Lab Virtual Retreat in April. Sometimes making a mess is really fun. Even if you normally don’t create collages, save some junk mail and do it.