Finished: Coneflower Hackney #2

Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023
Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023

Another Hackney is in the books. The Coneflower Hackney #2 is finished and the recipient should have received it by now.

Remember how I talked about DecorBond in my last post about this bag? You can see how great the top looks in the photo – flat and smooth. I love it! I am so pleased that it looks that good.

Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023 - front, top
Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023 – front, top

It really surprises me how different a bag can look with different interfacing.

In this version, I sewed the top stitching, to close the turning gap on the inside, from the top. I wanted the top stitching to look good from the outside as well as close the gap. This is something I have trouble with repeatedly, so I did it slowly and with care. I think it looks good this time. Still not perfect, but I am getting there.

Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023 - end with handle
Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023 – end with handle

I think I have finally gotten the handle placement down. I think these bags are just way more useful with a handle. I wonder what inspired Sara to make this bag without a handle? I suppose it could be used in the bottom of a suitcase to corral all of those random items one needs on trips that aren’t clothes. Maybe the Minikins Season 3 video says something about that. I don’t really remember. 

I have seen Gerre carrying hers by the handle to Sew Day, so I know the handle isn’t superfluous.

Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023 - inside
Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023 – inside

I had a little trouble with the back panel on this one, but the inside still looks good. I really like that bright white fabric.

I also remembered to put labels into the lining front panel this time.

I have made a number of these Hackneys and haven’t gotten one perfect yet. I really worry that I will never be able to make a perfect bag the first time through.

I am not finished with this pattern yet. I just cut one out for my Dad using the leftovers from his birthday pillowcases.

Happy Birthday, Angela! 😉

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