Traveling with Bags

As I was packing for my second trip in October, it occurred to me that I should show you the pouches I use when I travel. all the pouches that I made ARE useful. However, of the bags I use for travel, I only made one of them. ;0

Pouches for travel
Pouches for travel

I use various pouches instead of one big bag as I can designate them for various purposes. This also means I don’t have to have a large bag in a, possibly, small bathroom.

The Wonder Woman pouch (top left) is one I use for tubes and bottles that don’t fit in my toilet kit. It was a birthday gift this year and made by Angela.

The pouch on the upper right is used for vitamins and various OTC medications. It was made by Gerre and has hand embroidery as well as a clever use of zippers. I keep for getting to ask her about the pattern.

The red and teal pouch is from Amanda and was another birthday gift. It is perfect for various cords and my headphones. Yes, I made an charger case a long time ago. I did a great job on that case, but it was too big. When I went to Switzerland and Austria in April, I needed the space in my suitcase.

The turquoise stitch boxy bag is from TFQ and is probably the first pouch I ever used.

The pink and turquoise dotted bad has the most useful stuff in it: moleskin, scissors, post-its, tape, a power strip and all sorts of random things that I needed when I was attending conferences.

The Triple Zip pouch is what I use for jewelry. It isn’t great for jewelry, but it is okay. Until I find something different, it will have to do.

The whole point of this post is to show you how you can use different pouches and bags in daily life – or travel life.