2-in-1 Case Continues

I continued to work on the 2-in-1 Case (#4) and have decided that making at least two of each bag is the best way to go. This one is so much easier than the others. Still, I am taking my time.

2-in-1 Case #4 - zipper stop
2-in-1 Case #4 – zipper stop

I forgot that I thought I should use a longer zipper than the one the pattern calls for and broke a needle.

The pattern calls for 8″ zippers. Inevitably one or other of the stops gets in the way and I break a needle. ERGH!! I wrote myself a note to use a 10″ zipper or continuous zipper tape. It doesn’t matter if the stops get cut off as the binding acts like a stop anyway.

2-in-1 Case #4 interior
2-in-1 Case #4 interior

Besides breaking a needle, the case is coming together.

I changed zipper colors right before I sewed them to the vinyl. The ones I chose match the light green in the fabric pretty well. I was going to use a brighter green, but like these better.

I followed the seam allowance directions, but the section with the vinyl and the zippers was still too big. I could have ripped it out and done one part over, but decided just to center the section with the vinyl and cut off the extra. Maybe lame, but it will look fine.

2-in-1 Case #4 with binding
2-in-1 Case #4 with binding

The binding is on and I will hand sew it to the back.

Almost there!