More Pantone Project

Before I started working on the Disco Double Zip Pouch last Sunday,  I decided I needed to select some fabrics for The Pantone Project. I felt like I had about 20 cards, but I could only find 8.

I think I brought down at least 20 fabric boxes, which is always the thing that keeps me from picking out fabrics as the postcards arrive. It always ends up being fun, however and I seem to have a hard time remembering that. I always find fabrics that I remember buying, but had forgotten about.

Pantone Project fabric selections - Oct 2023
Pantone Project fabric selections – Oct 2023

I was only able to choose the fabrics. I didn’t have a chance to make the blocks yet. I might be able to make them before the next Sew Day.

I am only a little sure about the Apple Green. The background is perfect, but I don’t know what the blue dots do to the overall effect.