Thinking about Zippers

As mentioned, I am making another Kit Supply Tote. For some reason, I am thinking a lot about this bag. Sometimes, making the pattern a second time gives me new insights.

Over the weekend, I worked on the zippers in addition to the pockets.

The bag requires one separating zipper. I am getting more experience with them after the UCAB and my own Kit Supply Tote.

Zipper tape at 90 degrees
Zipper tape at 90 degrees

Some designers have makers fold back the zipper tape at a 90 degree angle. I have always found this problematic. Over the weekend, looking at the pattern, I realized that I didn’t have to totally secure the piece so it would never come out. I only had to secure it enough to keep it in place until I sewed the zipper in. I sewed a few stitches just where the open edge of the 90 degree folded piece. I had no problems with the zipper tape sticking under the presser foot and developing a thread blob.  

What a revelation!

Now, I just need to install them into the bag.