Gift Post: Couch Hackney

This is the bag that I made for Friend Julie for Christmas.

Purple Couch Hackney
Purple Couch Hackney

I finished this quickly back in October, which was fortunate, because I didn’t have much sewing time in October and November and December quickly became busy. When I was ready to sew, I surprisingly, found all the pieces already cut out. I don’t remember cutting them all out, but I must have at some point. 😉 It was like magic and reminded me that the prep for bags takes the longest time in terms of making the bag.

This bag matches the Mini-Maker Case I made for Friend Julie back when the mini Oliso came out. That was during the pandemic as I remember opening our gifts for each other in a parking lot! LOL!

Couch Hackney corner view
Couch Hackney corner view

This is one of the best Hackneys that I have made. It stands up very well. I filled it with almost all of the Christmas gifts I bought for her. It is amazing how much it holds.

I am not sure this is exactly the right color zipper, but it goes pretty well with the bag, overall. I don’t think the regular purple zipper available would match any better.

Couch Hackney - interior
Couch Hackney – interior

The interior is a completely different purple, actually more of a lavender.

In this version of the Hackney, I put a glitter vinyl pocket. It will be good for flat items, but does not stretch at all, like the mesh pocket and, thus, I think items might slip out. I hope not, but I thought of that later.

Couch Hackney interior - labels
Couch Hackney interior – labels

I am still working on making sure I put a label in each bag that I make. I was able to add two to this one.

My goal is to always put one of my AQ labels inside. I am also, every now and again, adding one of the labels that Julie gave me as part of the 2022 Advent calendar. I really like those labels. That was a great gift.

As I said, I am pleased with how this bag came out and the more I look at it, the more I want to make a Hackney for myself.


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