La Pass Border Methodology

Labelled La Pass border
Labelled La Pass border

I decided I needed a way to keep the border pieces in order. There is no pattern for the border, so I am creating as I go along. I have shown you some photos of what I am doing in recent weeks.

I added some pieces to another part of the border, which is a multi-step process:

    • Figure out how to put the pieces together
    • Baste pieces
    • Sew pieces

From the basting to the sewing, I was finding that the pieces I had basted didn’t fit, thus I needed a system.

You see what I came up with above. I put a Post-it note** with a number on the quilt, then I put a corresponding post it note with the same number on the border pieces I will be adding.

You see WonderClips** in the mix as well.I don’t want those Post-its to fall off and they don’t stick long term to fabric, thus the WonderClips.

So far, so good. I’ll let you know how it turns out.








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