Quilting Loft in the News

I had been looking for this article and came across it today. The Quilting Loft is a new-ish and really cool store in Seattle.

Latham Smith

Most quilting and fabric stores have white walls so they don’t clash with the fabrics that line them, said Angie Andreson, the 30-year-old owner of Ballard’s The Quilting Loft.

“When I decided to start my store, my husband insisted that I couldn’t have plain white walls,” Andreson said. “So we painted them.”

The Quilting Loft, which opened in March, offers floral prints, polka dots, stripes and solids alongside roller girls and children’s book characters splashed over square yards of fabric. It also provides quilting services and classes such as skirt making and quilting techniques.

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Bad News from the Quilt World

I got my recent issue of Quilter’s Newsletter and it is time to cancel. They, recently, had a big campaign to get people to sign up for a 3 year subscription. I thought they had made some nice changes lately after recent content problems, so I signed up.

Stupidly, apparently.

Hidden in the middle of the Editor’s column, she announced the magazine would be printed only 6 times per year. The reason given was that readers have said they can’t read all the information in one month.


This situation seems unethical and I really don’t want to do business with such a company.It seems wrong to have recently asked subscribers pay for 30 issues and then change the publishing schedule to only 18 issues over 3 years. If I am desperate, I can always buy an issue on the newsstand. My call to cancel and get a refund has already been made.

Additional bad news came locally when I drove by Black Cat Quilts, on Ocean Ave in San Francisco to see a 50% off-going out of business sale. Huh? What gives? The economy? High rents? Very sad. I wish Gretchen and her crew all the best.

National Quilting Day This Weekend

A fellow librarian sent me the note about National Quilting Day. Our plans were changed, so i will be able to stay home and, perhaps, even sew.

clipped from www.nqaquilts.org

National Quilting Day

National Quilting Day 2008Join us in the celebration of the 17th Annual National Quilting Day on March 15, 2008. Whether you celebrate with your quilting friends or alone, take time to reflect on the rich traditions of quiltmaking and the contributions to family and community made by quiltmakers for many generations.

National Quilting Day 2008

The NQD logo for 2008 is a block called “Eight Hands Around”. In her block reference book, Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, Barbara Brackman cites the first publication of the pattern in 1895 or earlier in the Ladies Art Company #149. LAC is listed as the first mail-order quilt pattern company – another tradition generations of quilters have cherished: shopping from catalogs (and now the Internet) and waiting anxiously for delivery of those special packages!

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Quilter’s Home Subscription

I received an e-mail today to subscribe to QH. Since I hadn’t gotten around to sending in the card, I clicked on the link and in 2 minutes, I was done. I am behind an issue now, so I still have to go and find that one, but am glad that I won’t have to hunt around for hilarious quilt reading material after this.

And while you are at it, read the Washington Post article. If the Post asks you to register, get a slightly used login from BugMeNot.


I haven’t had much time to post lately, but wanted to post something. The ‘Net gods and Time goddesses are conspiring against me to get the job done. I uploaded a boatload of county fair photos to Flickr, thinking it would be easier to share them. HA! I got the nasty message that I needed to upgrade my account, because they were hiding all but 200 of my photos. I finally tried to bite the bullet and do it, but Yahoo/Flickr is having a glitch and won’t let me pay. This has happened at least 3 other times when I have tried to upgrade, so perhaps it is not meant to be! Stay tuned for Fair photos: coming soon to a blog near you! 😉

I also worked on Cross Blocks (Flowering Snowballs) while I was in LA over the weekend. I finished four, but haven’t been able to press or photograph. Stay tuned for Cross Blocks: coming soon to a blog near you! 😉

While I did a little facilitation in making this quilt, MavMomMary did all the heavy lifting, then we had it quilted. This is a quilt for one of the nephews. The light green squares have drawings done by friends and family

News and Notes
Patricia Cummings has posted her book, Redwork Embroidery and Needlework Traditions in Europe and America, on her website. Previously reviewed nationally, and previously in print, the book is offered for your enjoyment and enlightenment, free of charge. Both quilts and antique textiles are shown in the book.

Enjoy it at http://www.quiltersmuse.com

Quick Bites

Technorati relaunched their search service yesterday. As a work project, I had to try out the new and expanded Technorati service. In addition to searching blog comments, it now searches for music, videos and images. Of course, I had to use ‘quilt’ as my term. I know the subject better than any other subject, so what better topic to use? Very interesting results, including some how to videos on quiltmaking. Here are a couple of blogs I found that I thought were worth looking at:

Mosaic-It: http://mosaic-it.blogspot.com/. The post I saw was about a mosaic floor in Venice (Italy, not California). As you may (or may not) know, I, obsessively take pictures of mosaics wherever I go. I really liked the floor in this post as I thought it looked exactly like a quilt. I also thought the tiles looked like they had little patterns on them, mimicking fabric somewhat. There seem to be only two posts, so stay tuned.

Sister’s Choice: http://sisterschoice.typepad.com/sisters_choice_quilts/ This seems to be a relatively new Typepad blog (3-4 months old). The pictures are really clear. Her fabrics seem to be a little dark for my taste, but she does use Creative Grid rulers, which are my new favorite. (I’ll write a review sometime) She also uses interesting patterns. The Evelyn Sloppy pattern, Fall Frolic, uses ugly colors IMO, but I like the way those four patches stand out. Not sure I could strip piece it the way Sister’s Choice describes.

Quilter’s Buzz appears to be a news site for the quiltmaking world. She has lots of posts from Quilt Market, especially of the booths. Her colors are similar to Sister’s Choice. Perhaps these are the colors of the day and I am the only one not using them?

Go take a look at what you can find at Technorati. If you are looking for me, though, you won’t find me there, so put me in your RSS reader. 😉

Various and Sundry (aka Frazzle-ization)

I sat down for a few minutes to try and get my head together in the midst of getting ready for a class and trying to organize a tour for Ms. Arteest on Sunday. Fortunately Pamelarteest is quite restrained (no weird supplies required) and I have everything for the class at home. I am also bring the two, as yet unfinished, pieces I started in her class at Quilting Adventures.

Self Portrait

Jaye’s Garden

Still, the Sunday thing is proving to be a problem, because the BedaBreakers (Bay to Breakers) is Sunday, which cuts the City in quarters and makes the Park in accessible. We had planned to go to the deYoung, but with the B2B, there is no way I am getting within a mile of the Park. So, I had to spearhead making other plans.

Now I am taking a break in between all the craziness and putting the child to bed. I started clicking down my blogroll to see what was happening in blogland and came across some interesting stuff happening.

Ardent Peace is quiet as K seems to be ill and working all week.

Art Quilt Reviews has a review quilts from CQA in WA. I hadn’t heard of any of these quiltmakers, but I do like some of the work. I could use a good quilt show, but at the moment WA is not in the plans.

Deirdre is not showing much (did you see her PBJ??), but she is looking forward to some cool photos from her friends, Susan and Ivan.

Diary of a Mad Fabri-holic has done a meme, which I don’t really do, but has an interesting looking quilting on her Mother’s Day post.

Yarnstorm has a great photo of a glass and Be*mused still has the basket quilt up.

The last three all work on TypePad and their blogs are so clean and fresh looking. I went there thinking I might move my blog, but they charge for he privilege, so for the moment I’ll keep Artquiltmaker Blog here.

Joshilyn over at Faster than Kudzu is interviewing another author and Julie over at High Fiber Content (doncha just love that name?) is talking about needs. She has some great shoes showing, too. She doesn’t have permalinks, so look for May 18, 2007.

That’s the news from Blogland. I should have some interesting stuff after this weekend with allthe quilting friends in town. Stay tuned.

Random Photos and Bits of News

Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors have merged with or been bought by Interweave Press. Apparently, I am the last to know. I read a brief blurb in QNM of all places, then Nina directed me to the blog entry over at the Quilting Arts Blog. I hope Interweave Press doesn’t ruin QA and CPS like they did to Piecework.

In the meantime, Pamelala is busy creating some gorgeous stuff. She posted a ton of pictures of postcards to her website. It is great to see a bunch of her work all together. Then, as an added bonus, she has put together a little online demo showing how her postcards (and, I assume, her quilts) evolve. You can actually see them come to life.